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2023 I DOCUMENTARY I 84 Min. 


FRANK MEYER follows a retired bodybuilder for 10 years. He begins to question his masculinity and reflects upon his violent childhood. Unable to embrace his feelings, animals become a replacement for human relationships. He suffers a stroke, heart attack and kidney failure. But despite his limitations, he continues to train hard and hopes to eventually bounce back.


2023 GRANIT Best Documentary Award - Internationale Hofer Filmtage

2024 Audience Award - Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt International



2023 Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 

2023 Internationale Hofer Filmtage

2024 Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival

2024 Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt International

2024 Sehsüchte International

2024 DokKa Festival


"Frank Meyer is a film that couldn't be more topical in its subject matter and form. It's s a film that belongs on the big screen and impressively proves that cinema documentaries from Germany can be fresh and lively."

- Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2023


"Mehr als von Kniebeugen und Hantelstemmen handelt der Film von tiefer Einsamkeit, von Vergangenheitsbewältigung und dem Versuch, dem eigenen Rollenverständnis zu entfliehen.“

- Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 

"The documentary FRANK MEYER leads the viewer into the trap of their own prejudices and manages to touch the viewer. Everything that is unnecessary has been left out. Amazingly, after more than 10 years of material collection, the creators have been bent on such minimalistic solutions."

- Helsingin Sanomat, main Finnish newspaper


Directors: Leonhard Hofmann & Riccardo Dejan Jurković

Cinematography: Leonhard Hofmann

Location Sound: Riccardo Dejan Jurković

Editors: Leonhard Hofmann & Riccardo Dejan Jurković

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